Crime Update: Tailgate Thefts

Tailgate thefts from domestic model pick-ups continue on the rise. Offenses are evenly scattered throughout our division. No specific pattern has been determined. Parking in a well lit area or backing the tailgate up to a fence or garage door helps securing the tailgate.Read More

DPD: Citizen Police Academy Class Beginning October 1st

The Dallas Police Department’s Citizens Police Academy has a class beginning October 1st.

Registration must be received no later than September 28th.Read More

U.S. Census Info To Avoid Website & Email Scams And How To Identify Authorized Census Workers

Some helpful information here to help us all be aware when we are visited or contacted by our U. S. Census workers. The Census is not scheduled until April 1, 2010 but Website Phishing and Email Scams have already been identified.Read More

Join Us August 6th for the Central Division Quarterly Crime Summit

It's time again for the Central Division Quarterly Crime Summit, a gathering of the community and your Dallas Police Central Division representatives to discuss crime issues and plans for the coming quarter.

This quarter's meeting venue is graciously provided by St. Matthews Cathedral, located at 5100 Ross Avenue, between N. Garrett and N. Henderson. Mapquest Map and link to directions.

Deputy Chief Vincent Golbeck, commander of the Central Patrol Division, is your host for the evening.Read More

Reporting to 911 Checklist

The #1 concept I’ve been trying to stress at Buzz is: “If you SEE something, SAY something”. Call 911. DO NOT HESITATE. The Police are here to do something about it. Use them, Call them. Do not think twice. And DON’T confront people yourself… that’s what the Police are for. Don’t put yourself in a situation you might regret later.Read More