Dallas Area Bike Plan: Sept 23

This is your chance to get involved and shape the facilities of the Cedars and the connecting neighborhoods.Read More

CNA July Meeting

Crime Update: Tailgate Thefts

Tailgate thefts from domestic model pick-ups continue on the rise. Offenses are evenly scattered throughout our division. No specific pattern has been determined. Parking in a well lit area or backing the tailgate up to a fence or garage door helps securing the tailgate.Read More

City of Dallas Closings and Schedules for Furlough and 4th of July Holiday

Friday, July 2 (Furlough) and Monday, July 5 ( Holiday )

City offices
ClosedRead More

Dallas Town Meeting: Our Budget, Our Economy

On June 26th, hundreds of people in Dallas will join with thousands of people at sites across the country for an unprecedented National Town Meeting on our budget and economy. Together we will seek common ground on the tough choices our nation will have to make in the years ahead in order to ensure that growing debt payments don't crowd out our national priorities.Read More

AmericaSpeaks: Saturday, June 26th

I am hoping you will be able to help identify people in your district who will register to participate in this rare national forum. To help encourage participation, I did confirm that there will be simultaneous Spanish translation through headphones when the group is addressed as a whole and there will be bi-lingual facilitators at each table throughout the discussion.Read More

2011 Dallas Bike Plan Open House - Review

Last night I was able to attend the Dallas Bike Plan open house at City Hall for what was a standing-room-only house in the Council Chambers.Read More

2011 Dallas Bike Plan Open House

Update: Read the review http://www.cnadallas.com/node/195

Thursday, May 27th
5pm to 8pm

If you can not make it you can also provide input by completing the survey.Read More

FREE Family Workshop for East Dallas

FREE Teen Relationship Workshop

June 19th 8:45 a.m-5:00p.m
Parkland Administration BuildingRead More

Dallas Gets Its Groove Back

THERE’S a sun-baked, low-rise neighborhood in Dallas where urban pioneers have staked out a bling-free zone, set against the glittering backdrop of downtown skyscrapers. Deep Ellum — that’s Texas-ese for “Deep Elm,” the neighborhood’s original name — has historically been a scruffy working-class area.Read More