U.S. Census Info To Avoid Website & Email Scams And How To Identify Authorized Census Workers

Some helpful information here to help us all be aware when we are visited or contacted by our U. S. Census workers. The Census is not scheduled until April 1, 2010 but Website Phishing and Email Scams have already been identified.Read More

Brazil's JBS To Announce Deal To Buy Pilgrim's Pride


Brazilian beef giant JBS SA is set to announce as soon as next week the acquisition of Texas-based Pilgrim's Pride Corp. for a price of roughly $2.5 billion, say several people familiar with the matter. The deal would pull the second-largest chicken company in the U.S. out of bankruptcy court and shake up the global meat business.Read More

Important Notice: Bylaws Draft Uploaded

Please review before the Sept. meeting
A new version (3.1.1) of the Bylaws Draft was uploaded to the (located at the bottom) Bylaws page.

At the Aug. meeting, a motion was granted to vote on ARTICLE 3 MEMBERSHIP AND DUES of the proposed Bylaws Draft at the September CNA meeting. It is important that you read this section and the other sections of the Draft, so we can move forward with final discussions and voting.Read More

Daytime Juvenile Curfew: Begins Aug. 24th

The Dallas Police Department will begin enforcing a daytime juvenile curfew as of August 24, 2009, the first day of classes for area public schools.

What it means for students.
The ordinance, adopted by the City Council in May, prohibits students under age 17 from being in a public place or business between 9:00 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. when school is in session. Violators will be returned to school, and can be given a citation. The Class C misdemeanor carries a maximum fine of $500.Read More

Thriving Minds: A City of Dallas, DISD & Big Thought Project

The City of Dallas, in partnership with Dallas Independent School District and more than 100 arts, cultural and civic organizations, has undertaken a groundbreaking initiative called Thriving Minds that is working to improve the quality of education for every Dallas child. Managed by Big Thought, a leading nonprofit creative learning organization, Thriving Minds is a citywide system of well-coordinated, robust creative learning opportunities, and other academic support services available to students and their families in neighborhoods across the city.Read More

Dallas to offer free super recycling at four locations

The City of Dallas Sanitation Services department is hosting its Super Recycling Summer Roundup at four locations on Saturday, August 29 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.Read More

Tuesdays at Lee Harvey's Half Price Burgers

Ok, so maybe you would get a super triple decker with 4 pieces of meat and 4 buns all rolled into one, but you'll still have a great Half Pound Burger at Lee Harvey's. Now half price on Tuesdays. This has been confirmed with Seth!Read More

Certified Reverse 911 Coming to Dallas

The City of Dallas Reverse 911 Emergency Notification System is used to rapidly send telephone notifications to residents and businesses in an affected area in the event of an emergency.Read More

Upcoming Conferences to Save Energy and Conserve Water

Attached is information (in both English and Spanish) for residents of District 2 concerning some upcoming conferences and free kits that are available to save energy and conserve water.

As part of the Dallas Sustainable Skylines Initiative, the City is offering a free home energy efficiency and water conservation kit. Homeowners and renters (with landlord authorization) are available for the kits.Read More

Dallas Police Department Goes Twitter

Dallas Police Department Central Patrol is now offering alerts via Twitter. For those not familiar with Twitter, a section is forthcoming on the Central Division web site with instructions.

The username for Central Patrol is:
dallaspdcentralRead More