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About CNA


Mission Statement: The purpose of the Cedars Neighborhood Association is to improve the quality of life in the Cedars as it moves from a once-challenged neighborhood to a vibrant urban community.

History: Founded on April, 2003, Cedars Neighborhood Association is different from other neighborhood associations in Dallas, TX. Most neighborhood associations are strictly for homeowners or for developers. But because the Cedars neighborhood itself is such a diverse collection of business, art, living and development, the Cedars Neighborhood Association reflects all of those interests and includes both homeowners, developers, businesses, and others with daily interest in the Cedars. Our meeting discussions are lively with a wide range of opinions.

If you are a stakeholder in the Cedars — a resident, business owner, property manager, or if you work in the Cedars — the Cedars Neighborhood Association is working for you, looking out for the overall good of the neighborhood. Everyone in the Association is working to move the Cedars forward in a positive direction.

We meet twelve times per year: Calendar.

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