December 2016 CNA Membership Meeting

When: Thursday, December 15, 6:30 p.m.
Where: Mac's Southside

There is plenty of street parking, and room for bikes. Also, it's The Cedars. Walk. :)

6:30 - 7:00 pm Social time
7:00 - 8:00 pm Meeting

The full agenda will be presented at the meeting. If you have questions, concerns or comments about any items discussed please visit or email

Date Titlesort icon Attached Files
05/2009 CNA April Meeting 042309-CNA-Minutes.pdf
04/2010 CNA April Meeting CNA Board Minutes, CNA Agenda
08/2009 CNA August Meeting August Board Minutes - Aug 17, August Agenda, August Meeting Minutes - Draft, August Board Minutes - Aug 31
01/2010 CNA December Meeting CNA Board Meeting Minutes
02/2010 CNA February Meeting CNA TDHCA Coverletter.pdf, TDHCA statement.pdf, PLAZA_BALLOT_Sample.pdf, February 25 CNA Meeting Agenda, 2010 Board Election results.pdf, February Board Meeting Minutes
01/2010 CNA January Meeting January 28th CNA Meeting Agenda, CNA_Proxy_Sample_Ballot.pdf, January 14th Plaza Hotel Meeting Notes, January 18th Board Meeting Agenda, January 18th Board Meeting Minutes, Plaza Handout - 2, Plaza Handout - 1
07/2009 CNA July Meeting July Agenda, July Meeting Minutes - Draft
07/2010 CNA July Meeting CNA Board Minutes 2010-07-12, CNA July Agenda
06/2009 CNA June Meeting 062509-CNA-Minutes-Draft.pdf, 062509-CNA-Agenda.pdf, 060809-CNA-Board-Minutes.pdf
06/2010 CNA June Meeting CNA Board Minutes 2010-06-07, CNA June Agenda