Nigel Brown

At our January meeting of the Cedars Neighborhood Association, I gladly accepted the nomination to serve as Secretary of the CNA Board in 2010.

If you attend our monthly CNA meetings, we have probably met. Bu t you might not know much about me. So let me say a few words about my interest in The Cedars.

I own a business called Structural Studio Consulting Engineers. Our offices are here in The Cedars, at Griffin Street West and Browder Street. You might know the site as “the old Gray Gate building”. In 2005, a friend and I purchased the building and the vacant block of land that surrounds it. We completely renovated the building, and we both moved our firms here in 2006.

I was attracted to The Cedars by three things. We are close to downtown. The property is affordable. And the neighborhood has tremendous potential.

What I did not know, but have since learned, is that the neighborhood is already a strong and vibrant community. The strength of this community is reflected in the Cedars Neighborhood Association and in the members who have served on its Board.

As for my qualifications, I served for five years on the Board of the Society for Marketing Professional Services (Dallas/ Fort Worth chapter). The organization is a similar size as the CNA, with 120 members at that time. My first role on that Board was as Secretary. So I am very familiar with the responsibilities of this position. My time on that board taught me the importance of building consensus in this kind of organization.

I also serve the City of Dallas as a member of the Fair Park Task Force. We advise the Landmark Commission on applications to renovate and construct buildings within Fair Park. My nine years on that task force has taught me the importance of preserving the history of the park while helping it to adapt and remain relevant to today’s community.

My commitment is to serve the Cedars neighborhood in a similar way in the coming year. I have tremendous respect for what the CNA has done in the past, and appreciate this opportunity to contribute to our future.

Please vote for Nigel Brown for CNA Secretary!

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