Bylaws Posted for Review - March 19th CNA Meeting

Below are the bylaw ballot for review as presented by the Bylaw Committee. Please take a moment to review as we will be voting on these revisions at the March 19th CNA Meeting. Meeting location and agenda follow the bylaws.

CNA Membership Meeting - Bylaw Vote

When: Thursday, May 19, 6:30 p.m.
Where: South Side on Lamar - Blue Room

CNA Member Meeting Agenda

Opening and Call to Order Nigel Brown 7:00 pm
Peace Garden Michael Barrett 5 min.
Financial Report Michael Barrett 5 min.
Crime Watch Report Michael Przekwas 10 min.
Neighborhood Clean Up Tammy/Michael 5 min.
Bylaw Committee Review Philip Robinson
Julie Emory 15 min.
Bylaw Discussion & Ballot Vote 20 min
Membership Update Belinda Thomas 5 min.
New Business Nigel Brown 5 min.
Adjournment Nigel Brown

Please attend if you can. We need a quorum in order to conduct the vote!

If you have questions, concerns or comments about any items discussed please visit or email