Reporting to 911 Checklist

The #1 concept I’ve been trying to stress at Buzz is: “If you SEE something, SAY something”. Call 911. DO NOT HESITATE. The Police are here to do something about it. Use them, Call them. Do not think twice. And DON’T confront people yourself… that’s what the Police are for. Don’t put yourself in a situation you might regret later.

When contacting the Police, it’s important for you to be able to articulate:

1. Who you observed (a description)
2. What did you see, be specific
3. Where was it
4. When did you see it
5. Why in your opinion was it suspicious? Remember, you are more aware of what’s normal for your community than anyone else, but you need to be able to communicate that,

In describing a suspect it is most helpful if you can provide information on as many of the following as possible:

* Race/Sex/Age
* Height/Weight/Hair color
* Peculiarities (Scars-tattoos—missing limbs—noticeable features)
* Weapons (if any)
* Clothing description
* Method/Direction of travel
* In describing a vehicle, try to obtain: License plate of vehicle (most important), Year/Make/Model of vehicle, Color, Damage or Outstanding features (One headlight, logos, antennae etc.)

If you feel you need to report any of the above activities immediately to the Police Department you should call 911.