CNA 2018 Membership Renewal

Dear Neighbors,
This letter serves as a friendly reminder that your dues as a member of the Cedars Neighborhood Association will be due on January 25, 2018. By renewing your dues you will be eligible to vote in February for the board elections, and in any later policy vote presented to the membership during 2018. These are opportunities to continue to let your voice be heard as a driving force in your neighborhood.
There are two ways to pay your membership dues:
1. Pay online on at
2. Write a check or money order payable to CNA. Bring to the general meeting or mail to

CNA Membership
1500 McKee Street
Dallas TX 75215.
The purpose of the Cedars Neighborhood Association is to improve the quality of life in the Cedars as it moves from a once-challenged neighborhood to a vibrant urban community. Your involvement and support at meetings and on committees helps drive the CNA mission and it is a great way to meet your neighbors across the Cedars.
The website has up-to-date information on meeting dates and times for both general and special meetings. The CNA monthly meeting is traditionally the fourth Thursday of the month, excluding ovember and December.
Please review the CNA bylaws so that you will be aware of the procedures as they occur at the next meeting. Thank you again for your membership and please let us if you have any questions:

Phillip T. Robinson, President
Stephanie Smith Robinson, Vice-President-Membership
Linda Garner, Vice-President-Communications
Jeff Feigenson, Treasurer
Darlene Schneider, Secretary