Proxy Voting

Article 4 Section 1

C. Votes may be cast in person or by written proxy. A member may grant no more than two proxies per calendar year, and during a vote or meeting may exercise a proxy for only one granting member. Both the granting and the exercising members, or their attorneys-in-fact, must be in good standing with the Association. To be valid, each proxy shall: (i) be signed and dated by the granting member; (ii) name the member who has agreed to exercise the proxy; (iii) identify the vote or meeting for which the proxy is granted; (iv) not purport to be revocable without notice; and (v) be delivered to the secretary or person presiding over the designated vote or meeting by midnight (CST) prior to the vote or meeting. The proxy shall terminate after the designated vote or meeting. To revoke a proxy, the granting member must give actual notice of revocation to the secretary or person presiding over the designated meeting. Unless revoked, any proxy designated for a vote or meeting which is adjourned, recessed, or rescheduled shall be valid when such meeting reconvenes.

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