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Terms of Use

1. All areas of are private property. Interaction in the forum should be considered a privilege which may be revoked at any time as deemed necessary;

2. Copywritten material posted to the forum must credit the owner(s). When posting newspaper articles, internet articles, journals, papers, etc., please remember to cite source, author, and hyperlink as available. Best practice is to paraphrase key parts of an article and link to the remainder;

3. Spamming is not allowed (i.e. repeating posts or threads) and will result in an immediate and permanent ban;

4. Personal and business advertisement is allowed only through the inclusion of website link in the member profile. Marketing and/or advertising any commercial product, service and/or application by creating thread topics or repetitive mentions is prohibited. With site administration approval, community service/improvement promotions may be presented;

5. Incendiary comments which disrupt or inhibit the amicable flow of conversations are not tolerated;

6. Etiquette requires each participant to be a good virtual citizen, considerate of forum visitors - active or inactive participants. Inappropriate behaviors/comments include, but are not limited to: vulgarity, abusive/excessive profane language, support or praise of illegal subject matter and/or activities, personal attacks, trolling, flaming, overt negativity, baiting, racial slurs, pornography, sexual innuendo, racism, sexism, xenophobia, religious bashing, or open support of terrorism, and homophobia;

7. Deliberately misleading other participants is unacceptable. Information such as in thread titles, articles posted, and data cited must be accurate and appropriate. Opinion may not be presented as fact. It is essential that new development discussions only include verifiable information. Threads intentionally given a misleading or ambiguous title will be closed. Threads which feature nothing but a website link will be closed;

8. Comments within each thread should relate to the initial topic. The dynamic flow of online discussions frequently require flexible topic boundaries to be productive. Participants should be mindful of the thread topic and avoid wild tangents;

9. Civic pride is one of the greatest assets of any community until degraded into petty ridicule of other communities. will not be host to the mischievous degradation of any community. Neighborhood by Neighborhood or City by city comparisons are inevitable and often can provide insights to possible civic improvements. All forum members must be sensitive that these comparisons do not become an unproductive competition trying to tarnish another community. Refrain from using "versus" verbage in thread titles.
Likewise, pursuing a similarly divisive approach with any topic will not be permitted. A healthy debate is always welcome, but decorum is a requirement;

10. These rules cover the foundation for a productive and informative discussion forum. A complete disregard of these guidelines by any individual can result in a permanent ban from the forum and all other features. The extent of any offense will be taken into consideration by forum administration. The administrator will recommend removal of a topic/post or ban based on the Forum Rules. The Administrator may seek input from the CNA Board on removal of questionable posts and is required to to submit recommendation before a member is banned from the forum. A minor offense will result in a warning, considering the infraction may not have been intentional. However, should any participant warrant more than two warnings, it will be assumed this participant only has malicious intent and will result in a permanent ban from the site. Any serious infraction of the conditions of interaction will result in an immediate and permanent ban;

11. Limit of one username per member/participant is imperative. Access to the forum and other features of the website are available to current CNA members and access will become inactive if and when your annual membership dues lapse on January 31st of each year. Additionally, inactive members will be retired (inactive account) after 12 months;

12. When registering a user name, participants create a user profile. The software supporting the forum provides a user control panel with various options to personalize individual profiles;

13. A community calendar is available for all users to view. The calendar includes events and activities covering Cedars Neighborhood and related topics, as well as forum community happenings.

14. The same conditions of interaction which apply to public comments also apply to private messages and calender listings. Under no circumstances should the use of the messaging or calendar features be used for inappropriate purposes;

15. Users are able to attach a variety of file types to the server. Listed below are the acceptable file types and corresponding maximum MB file sizes:
.gif, .jpe, .jpeg, .jpg, .png, .psd file types are limited to 2MB
.doc, .kmz, .pdf, .txt, .xls, .zip file types are limited to 2MB;